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Sleeping City

After the introduction of the infamous Lockout Laws in Sydney in 2014, the city’s early closing hours have fostered a sense of dormancy in terms of its lack of nightlife. We as Sydney residents have a role too. We can choose to make the effort to support the businesses and service providers who are operating at night and offering extended services, to demonstrate the demand for more options for our night time economy.

Student Startup Stories 

The increasing new wave of startups this century means that failure is more common than ever. However it also means that anyone with an idea and the means to execute the idea can create their own startup and be called an entrepreneur. But how does an entrepreneur remain successful and driven amidst all the competition?

Digital Disruption in the Music Industry 

The evolution of the music industry in an era of music streaming is a prime example of how established business models and practices will in some shape or form be disrupted by change. Who could have imagined the monumental impact to the way we access, experience and listen to music that the digital era would create?

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