About Us

Constituent Society

For all students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School

10,000+ members

The largest society on campus, reflecting a substantial talent pool

Fostering development

Established to enhance the social, personal, professional and academic development of all business students

Hosting over 75+ events

BSOC’s extensive portfolio structure allows the society to explore a range of events such as social, sports, philanthropy, careers, education and more!


Networking opportunities

We host a number of developmental programs such as Peer Mentoring to maximise student’s networking skills.


Catering for all business students opportunities

Our events are aimed to cater for both first years, all the way through to those in their final year.


Made By the Students 

 For the Students

Established in 1988, UNSW Business Society has grown to become the largest society on campus.

UNSW Business Society

UNSW Kensington Sydney, NSW 2030 Australia