BSOC Business Ball

10th October 2023

BSOC Business Ball 2023 - A Million Dreams

What to Expect:

Welcome back to the UNSW Business Society's Annual Business Ball - 1 unforgettable night of class and fun! The perfect way to wrap up your year with BSOC, where you can celebrate with your cohort and commemorate everything that made your 2023 special.

Our Social Team has prepared the perfect night for you and your friends to enjoy one of BSOC's largest and most popular events of 2023. Get ready to live your dreams out with BSOC and Daltone House with unlimited drinks, a premium award-winning three course meal, and an unrivalled in-house DJ!

Everything You
Need to Know!

Ball will be held on:

10th October 2023

Our Venue:

Doltone House, Level 3 Jones Bay Wharf - 26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont 2009

How to get tickets?

Click the link below for our Facebook page, which has all details regarding ticket prices, release times, and available packages.


What is Ball like?

Ball is the perfect way to formally celebrate the culmination of your year at university, providing a special occasion unlike any other.

What does a ticket include?

Each ticket includes canapes on arrival, unlimited beverages, an award winning 3-Course meal, ice-cream cart, DJ, and a photo booth!

How many people do I need for a table?

For Business Ball, you can come alone, with a date, or with a group of up to 10 people. Please note that, if your group is less than 10 people, you may be placed on a table with another group.

Meet the Organising Team behind Ball!

We have been organising ball for since the start of term 2! We are here to ensure you get out the most out of your BSOC Ball experience by facilitating a fun, expansive, and memorable night.

Vanessa Fong

Why are you excited for ball?

Who isn't? It's the best way to end your year with your mates especially with a delicious 3 course meal and unlimited drinks. It definitely made my year last year so I don't know why it wouldn't this year!

Lyn Ding
Social Director

What was your ball experience like?

Ball was a night of amazing memories all whilst surrounded by amazing people. It was the perfect way to wrap up my first year at uni!

Oliver Hudson
Social Director

What are your plans for ball?

Get together with mates and celebrate the end of my second year at uni

Pearl Huang
Social Director

How would you describe ball?

There are no words to describe ball. It's just an experience in itself. It amazes me how pretty everything was last year and this year I believe we have one up'd ourselves from last year. It's simply just beautiful.

 Hear from those who attended Ball!
Eshaan Pathak - 2nd Year Student

"Ball is the perfect way to conclude my year at uni. From dining on amazing an amazing 3-course meal to spending quality time having fun with my mates, there is no other way I would rather spend celebrating my time at university."

Sally Sun - 3rd Year Student

"Spending time at Ball last year was one of, if not my favourite event last year. The aura and atmosphere created is amazing; completely unique and irreplaceable. I highly recommend Ball to anyone interested in one of the best nights of your life."