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Our Portfolios


The primary objective of Publications is to promote BSOC via media initiatives such as the blog and podcast as well as through written guides (First Year’s Guide and Careers Guide).
We are responsible for supporting society events by designing and creating infographics for other internal portfolios.


The Marketing Portfolio connects BSOC’s opportunities to the student body by designing and managing promotional content.
We implement strategies across social media, organise merchandise launches and increase the reach of BSOC events.

Information Technology

The primary objective of IT is to facilitate the active engagement of business students with BSOC by informing them of new opportunities.
We are responsible for maintaining BSOC's technological infrastructure to ensure that society operates smoothly - through the website and mailing list.


Primary objective to provide opportunities for students to give back to our greater society through volunteering, donations and charity events.
We are focused on ensuring that BSOC is able to generate a positive impact, using our platform as a student society to make tangible contributions to our community.

Human Resources

The primary objective is facilitating the creation of meaningful relationships and promoting well-being within the internal BSOC committee.
Responsible for planning bonding initiatives and events, foreseeing the subcommittee application process, and administration.

O week


Collaborating and organising events to cater for students' soft and hard skills.
Responsible for the Peer Mentoring Program, the largest program on campus aimed at high school students transitioning to university - 10 weeks of activities to get them associated with Uni life and friends.


The Competitions portfolio bridges the gap between students’ education and professional development through interactive methods of problem-solving.
We are responsible for hosting large-scale case competitions and case workshops


The role of Careers is to provide opportunities for students to connect with industry representatives to gain meaningful networks and professional upskilling.
We are responsible for organising events and providing value to both students and our industry representatives.

Careers Fair


The organisation of sport-related events for business students to promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.
We are responsible for planning and executing mid to large sports events such as Oztag Tournament, Basketball Tournament and our Annual Ski Trip.


The primary objective of the Social portfolio is the planning and execution for large-scale social events that help foster long-lasting friendships and memories for our student body.
Responsible for the hosting events that bring the students together including,  Orientation Camp , Annual Cruise and Business Ball.


Sponsorship is responsible for the onboarding and re-signing of value add sponsors, continuously coordinating with our sponsors to provide meaningful events for the constituent student base.


Partnerships has a primary objective of liaising with external corporate/non-corporate companies to provide mutual benefit for all business students.


Responsible for overlooking the digital footprint of BSOC, we organise and manage BSOC’s online content and social media promotional material as well as provide data analytics for social media platforms.

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What is BSOC?

The UNSW Business Society is the constituent society for all students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School. Since our establishment in 1988, we have grown to become the largest society on campus with 11,000+ students. Our events do not only target first year students, but students of all years within the Business School. Find out more on our About Us page!

How can I get involved?

You can get involved with UNSW Business Society by signing up to our mailing list (through the form above) where you can get updates of all our events and opportunities. You can also follow us on our socials where we post updates on events!

Do I need any prior experience in the portfolio I applied?

No, you do not! You only need the willingness to learn, all skills will be taught on the job. Your directors will be guiding you along the way and so as your subcommittee.

I'm not a first year, can I still join as a subcommittee member?

Of course! All years are welcomes to join as a subcommittee member.