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About UNSW

Made by the Students

For the Students

Who we are

Team Delta

Constituent society

We are the constituent society for all students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School.

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Over 14,000 students

Since our establishment in 1988, we have grown to become the largest society on campus with 14,000+ students.

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Catering for all business students

Our events do not only target first year students, but students of all years within the Business School.

What we do


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Fostering development

In line with our motto, UNSW BSOC was established to enhance the social, personal, professional and academic development of all business students.


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Hosting over 75 events

To help business students grow, we host over 75 events for the benefit of students ranging from social, sporting and philanthropy events to careers, education and more!



Networking opportunities

Our events include developmental programs like Peer Mentoring to get students comfortable with university life and Careers Fair to allow them to network with professionals in various industries.

Come to our events, read our blogs, or listen to our podcasts to find out more!