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Dress to Impress

When it comes to networking events, job interviews, or even starting your first office job, choosing an appropriate outfit may seem like a stressful task. It is often said that you must “dress to impress” and this is particularly true in the business world. 

Formal Business Attire 

Formal business attire is often worn in professional settings and conveys professionalism and authority in the workplace. For men, this consists of a dark and dull coloured suit and tie paired with dress shoes that are polished well. Additionally, it is important to choose a shirt that complements the suit and tie. 

For women, formal business attire could include a suit, dress, or even separates such as a blouse and pants or skirt that reaches at least the knee. To ensure a neat and professional look, jewellery and scarves should be kept to a minimum and makeup and hairstyles should be understated. Women may choose to wear loafers or closed-toe shoes that are not too brightly coloured. 

What exactly is Smart Casual?

You’ve probably heard the oxymoron “smart casual” too many times before and been troubled with deciding an outfit to fit this complex dress code. Smart casual clothing is a dress code that combines both elements of casual and formal wear to create a polished yet relaxed look. 

The difference between smart casual and business attire for men is that a formal suit and tie is not required. However, this does not mean jeans and a casual shirt is appropriate. As shown in the image, men typically wear dress pants or khakis, with a dress shirt or polo and often a coat or sweater over.  

For women, smart casual clothing may include a blouse or collared shirt, paired with a skirt or dress pants, and a blazer or cardigan on top. Pictured in the image, women should opt for closed-toe shoes or loafers.

Overall, no matter the formal occasion, clothes should be well-fitted and in good condition. Neutral colours such as black, navy, grey, and brown are recommended, however touches of colour can be added minimally through accessories. 

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