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UNSW Business Society Presents: BSOC Bulletin

by the BSOC Publications Team

Welcome to the BSOC Bulletin! We are the UNSW Business Society's Publications team, and this podcast is all about chatting to a bunch of (super cool!) past and current UNSW business alumni, to provide advice and insight for current undergraduate business students. Give us a listen if you want some unique insights into industries such as marketing, start-ups, technology, and many more.
Episodes will be released fortnightly, each featuring a brand new guest and new advice!

Episode 5:

The BSOC Bulletin: Personal Branding with Hillary Lee

On this episode of the BSOC Bulletin, Britney and Adrian have a chat with Hillary Lee and some of the various projects that she’s undertaken. If you have an interest in starting a YouTube channel or learning more about how to turn a hobby into a revenue-earning side hustle, this episode is for you!

00:00 - Opening

00:50 - Introduction

01:55 - Experience with NAB

04:24 - Hillary’s First YouTube video

06:57 - Side hobbies

08:21 - Finding collaborations with companies

11:14 - Developing a personal brand

12:30 - Building confidence in front of the camera

15:10 - Knowing when to bring the camera

16:29 - Organising and prioritizing commitments

23:09 - Turning a passion and a side hustle into success

27:13 - Finding the balance between a making a hobby full-time or part-time

28:38 - Final wrap up and advice

Episode 4:

The BSOC Bulletin: Growth Marketing with Anna Cheng

On this episode of the BSOC Bulletin, Britney and Shreya have a chat with Anna Cheng, exploring the wide range of professional experiences under her belt, from Spaceship, Brighte, and currently HealthMatch! Anna provides her valuable insights on what growth marketing is, what skills are necessary to go into growth marketing as a career, how university students can reach out to professionals for advice, and more.

Connect with Anna here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annaqcheng/ 


00:00 - Opening

01:05 - Introduction of Anna’s professional journey

06:29 - How Spaceship’s services came to be

10:01 - What is Growth Hacking?

17:04 - What are the skills necessary for growth marketing?

18:56 - Developing a growth-oriented mindset

23:16 - What’s the startup culture like at Spaceship?

27:17 - The value of university marks and WAM

29:22 - Using psychology and case studies to help with freelance advisory

33:28 - How to get the most out of any role or opportunity

34:52 - University as a ‘safety net’

39:48 - The importance of having a mentor to help guide you

42:15 - Tips on reaching out to professionals online

43:19 - Final words of advice

Episode 3:

The BSOC Bulletin: Startup and Corporate Insights with Jim Ji

On this episode of the BSOC Bulletin, Adrian and Shreya explore the journey of Tapit co-founder: Jim Ji. From previous internship experiences at Amazon and Macquarie Bank, Jim provides his perspective on the relationship between working in corporate and co-founding a start-up, while also managing university studies on the side.

Connect with Jim here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jijim/ 

Tapit: https://www.tapit.life/


00:00 - Opening

00:31 - Favourite memory from UNSW

01:04 - Overview of Jim’s journey

05:37 - The start of Tapit 

07:24 - Switching from Computer Science to Information Systems  

12:08 - What is Tapit and how does it work?

15:47 - Peter Farrell Cup 

17:32 - Challenges of running a start-up

21:15 - Start-up vs Corporate

22:52 - Finding direction

25:35 - Plans for the future

29:34 - Advice for students

Episode 2:

Startup Insights and Accelerator Programs with Ho Jun Tang

On this episode of the BSOC Bulletin, Adrian and Britney explore the start-up journey of Yellowbox co-founder: Ho Jun Tang. From brainstorming the idea of a smartlocker system with UNSW’s Peter Farrel Cup, exploring other startup accelerator programs, and the mindset required to run a successful startup, Ho Jun offers a world of advice to any UNSW students looking to build their own startups from scratch. 

Connect with Ho Jun here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hojuntang/


00:00 - Opening

01:42 - Ho Jun’s professional journey since graduation

02:28 - The start of Yellowbox

06:48 - Favourite memory from Yellowbox

08:50 - Accelerator Programs (UNSW 10x & Techstars)

12:19 - Most valuable piece of advice received

15:28 - Challenges and setbacks of Yellowbox

20:30 - How to determine product market fit

22:25 - Mindset required to pursue a start-up 

24:21 - Transitioning from a worker to a founder

25:31 - The future of Yellowbox 

26:52 - Ho Jun’s advice for university students

Episode 1:

Why the BSOC Bulletin?

In this episode of the BSOC Bulletin, Publications Directors and co-hosts Adrian, Britney and Shreya introduce themselves and explain why the podcast was created while also providing insight on what to expect from this podcast series. We hope you all are excited to see what’s to come in future episodes!


00:00 - Opening and introductions

00:56 - Why did we create the BSOC Bulletin?

01:28 - What you can expect from the BSOC Bulletin.

01:57 - Stay up to date with us!

Stay informed:

Website: https://www.unswbsoc.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unswbsoc 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unswbsoc/?hl=en 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unsw-business-society 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCby4i4llVPpbH2OHh7E69qQ 

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