What To Look Forward to in T2

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What to look forward to in T2

On behalf of the UNSW Business Society, welcome to Term 2!

Whether you might be a current student returning back to the hustle and bustle of UNSW or a fresh face looking to get as involved as possible in university, BSOC has a lot packed for this term to keep your social life busy and your professional life busier. There’s plenty to look forward to, whether you want to meet some new people or gain important professional skills there are a plethora of events for everyone.

Look out for Paint and Sip also held by the Philanthropy portfolio in late term 2. It will be held at the MCIC, providing an opportunity to relax and destress with your mates. Of course, you’ll also be helping Cool Earth Australia at the same time, the perfect mix of fun and feel good before exams.

Look forward to the last case competition held by BSOC who have partnered with AMEX for the first time. It is a great opportunity to gain experience with case competitions as it requires no previous experience. There are hugely ambitious prizes up for grabs such as an $800 gift card, resume advice and in first place a coffee chat with AMEX representatives. BSOC is also holding a Corporate Cocktails Evening later in term 2, providing an opportunity to network with a huge range of firms that make up BSOC’s sponsorship. It’s a great way to learn about their companies and get your foot in the door to find out about current internship and graduate opportunities. This is not something you want to miss out on if you’re looking to expand your network and professional experience.

Term 2 will also feature the Education portfolio’s Speed Interviewing Workshop, a chance for students to practise their interviewing skills and get real time feedback from industry representatives. In addition, the Majors Fair is another excellent event which will be organised in conjunction with the UNSW Business School and other affiliated societies to provide business students with insight into the different majors that are offered. Later in the term, a first year course fundamentals workshop will be held, run by experienced tutors to maximise students’ revision before final exams.

Last of all, after the heat of term 2 exams UNSW Business Society’s Ski Trip is the perfect opportunity to cool off, hit the slopes, build lasting friendships and create cherished memories. The four day package covers accommodation, transport, ski lift pass and gear so that you can go test out those snowboarding or skiing tricks up on the slopes! Can't ski or snowboard? We've got you covered with that too! Sign up for lessons and come join us at UNSW Business Society’s Ski Trip 2023.

The possibilities and doors we unlock for our student community through BSOC are truly boundless. There are a wealth of opportunities for students to receive valuable advice and mentorship from experienced peers and professionals in various industries, as well as enhance their career prospects and professional growth. Don’t forget about the fun along the way, so get strapped in for Term 2, there’s tons to look forward to and plenty of opportunities to be unlocked.

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