A Closing Note from the Editors


From the Editors: Closing 2020, Looking to 2021

By Varun Amin


“We need an effective way to deliver value to students”. From those ten words, the BSOC Blog was born. With the onset of COVID-19, and the ensuing proliferation of technology and study from home arrangements came a need to stay connected whilst physically apart. With the UNSW Business Society’s core values of inspire, engage and empower, the blog was built as a medium for students to stay informed amidst our rapidly shifting world. The platform has been built by students for students. Our goal has been simple, to build a digital platform for publishing engaging and invigorating content for the student community.

2020 has been a great year for our Publications team, our team has launched 57 articles to date engaging the wider community including our Alumni base, the UNSW Business School and our amazing Sponsors. Spanning multiple facets of the student experience including Business, Lifestyle, Culture, Technology and the Business School our blog has grown to have an active readership base of 1000+ monthly readers.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful team including our Vice-President (Operations) Wilson Lin, my co-director Kiara Warner and our amazing subcommittee team: Adrian Tan, Britney Gu, Emily Cong, Ethan Kwong, Rui Yi and Shreya Abhyankar.

In touching the various aspects of the student experience, we have drawn on the wealth of experience offered by our alumni base, looking to engage more alumni in 2021. In particular, I’d like to thank the following members and alumni for their contributions and continued support: Abie Lau, Amy Sun, Clarence Harre, Elizabeth Williamson, Evan Wong, Felicity Chan, Hillary Lee, Jessica Sun, Joanna Ma, Jonathan Lam, Karrie Chen, Kevin Shaji, Lisa Gunawan, Lisa Vu, Lucy Zhao, Michael Kim, Michael Liang, Naditha Jayanetti, Nathan Cao, Rachel Lee, Rachel Li, Rob Chan, Rui Zhang, Samuel Ting, Shuhan Tan, Travis Wu, Vivian Nguyen, Will Qu and William Chen.

Finally, as the constituent society of the UNSW Business School, our team has greatly benefited from input and contributions from the Business School. A huge thank you to Vicky Simao, Anna Gurevich, Dr Victoria Clout and Tam Nguyen. Our thanks extend to the wider community as well including partners such as Fatcaron and other supporters such as Alexander Tran. 

A final thanks to you, our loyal readers. We hope we’ve been able to empower your student experience and engage you with fresh exciting content. We look forward to 2021 and beyond, where we hope to serve the student community and continue to create value for the UNSW student experience.

Our team is always looking for fresh and innovative content going into the future if you’d like to be involved reach out to us at publications@unswbsoc.com.

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