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Welcome back to the BSOC Blog!

by Publications Team 18/02/2021

We hope you had a relaxing summer and have begun to settle into your first week back at UNSW. For our first-year readers, we hope your transition into university life is smooth sailing – your journey here is just beginning!

The Publications team is beyond excited to continue producing new and insightful content for the BSOC Blog in 2021, and we’re so glad you’ve decided to join us. 

We’d like to thank the 2020 Publications Directors and founders of the BSOC Blog, Varun Amin and Kiara Warner for their invaluable guidance and mentorship over the year – the blog wouldn’t be the same without their drive and passion.

Our goal for 2021 is to deliver innovative, relevant and inspiring content to our readers – with our articles ranging from categories like Business, Technology and Culture. Remaining true to the Business Society’s values, we hope to Inspire, Engage and Empower students by keeping them up to date with the climate of the business world, as well as the culture and social events happening here at UNSW. 

While you anticipate the release of our new articles – feel free to explore some of our content from last year! Want to brush up on your knowledge of online exams? Check out our three part ‘Online Exams’ series written by Dr Victoria Clout from the School of Accounting. In the middle of curating a new study playlist for uni? Look into our ‘Study With Me’ articles written by Kiara Warner, where she shares her favourite study playlists!

Lastly, we’d like to thank our loyal readers and hope our blog community continues to grow!

Stay tuned for our fortnightly updates via: 

Instagram - @unswbsoc 

LinkedIn – UNSW Business Society

Feel free to contact us at publications@unswbsoc.com


Shreya, Britney and Adrian

2021 Publications Team

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