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Personal Anecdote 

Embarking on a new journey, especially university, can be extremely daunting for those who like myself , had no clue how university worked. From my experience, university provided me with the opportunity to explore my interests outside of my degree, make lifelong friends and develop myself both professionally and personally. However, this would not have been possible without joining the Business Society (BSOC) as a Publications subcommittee member. 

Why become a BSOC Subcommittee member? 

Becoming a BSOC subcommittee member is a fantastic opportunity to gain a more hands-on experience, where students can engage with fellow subcommittee members and create lifelong friendships. Being a BSOC subcommittee member also allows students to make a significant contribution to the Business School community by getting involved with the planning of social and career-related events, engaging with society sponsors and designing society-focused content and merchandise. 

Application Process 

Generally, most societies follow similar procedures when recruiting Subcommittee members. A written application is typically required with questions ranging from previous leadership experience to why a candidate is interested in joining. If successful, candidates will move on to the next stage where group interviews are conducted. This is a great way for candidates to show their unique personalities and differentiate themselves from others. The final and most nerve-racking step is the outcome of the application. Not all applicants will be successful, however, do not be disheartened if you are not chosen. Applicants have the opportunity to try out for as many societies as they like and are welcome to try again the following year. Additionally, our BSOC events are open to all UNSW Business School students, so be sure to come!

For example, UNSW Business Society’s written application deadline is the 24th of February. If successful, applicants will continue to the Group Interview stage, where the respective Directors of your chosen portfolios will interview you.

Different Types of BSOC Subcommittee 

This year, 10 of the 13 BSOC portfolios will have spaces for new subcommittee members! These portfolios range from:

Activities: Social, Sports

Internals: HR, Philanthropy, Education

Externals: Careers, Competitions

Operations: Publications, Marketing, IT

Interview Tips 

Be true to yourself! Directors want genuine, motivated, and friendly people to be a part of their societies, so show them that you're eager to learn and work well with others.

Personally, being a member of the BSOC Publications subcommittee allowed me to form genuine friendships with a diverse range of people, as well as provided me with the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally under the guidance of my directors, for which I am extremely grateful. It also allowed me to apply for a directorship position at BSOC, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience thus far, and I am very excited for the incredible year ahead.

In a nutshell, I implore that all students (especially first years) apply for any society subcommittees to truly get the most out of their first year at UNSW. So, what are you waiting for? You really have nothing to lose!

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