What to look forward to in Semester 1

Business School

For those returning to the warm and familiar atmosphere of UNSW campus, or for those filled with fresh curiosity to explore all that university has to offer, on behalf of the UNSW Business Society, I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes.

If you’re looking to get a headstart on learning and growing this term, as well as boosting every facet of your social and professional lives, BSOC has got you more than covered to get the most out of your first term of 2023. 

Our T1 calendar is packed, with a whole lot to look forward to, from our annual orientation camp, to subcommittee recruitment, peer mentoring and careers fair just to name a few, each of which provide their own unique value-add to you and your university journey. 

Our Annual Orientation Camp is one of the most anticipated events of all year, both for Campees and Camp-Leaders. It is the perfect opportunity for you to meet and bond with fellow Business School Students, and is especially beneficial for first year students looking to dip their toes into the water with the UNSW experience. Have an unforgettable experience and meet the people who you will grow with throughout your degree and make memories that extend beyond it.

Our Peer Mentoring Program allows you to meet other first year students just like you.

Through weekly mentoring sessions with older students, you will learn uni tips and tricks and make AWESOME friends while you're at it!

Careers Fair 

Want to learn about the different job opportunities and network with some of the largest firms? Attend BSOC’s annual Careers Fair where you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to

engage with representatives from firms such as Pimco, PwC and Nestle. Gain first-hand insight into these industries to kickstart your career and meet the people on the other side of the interview table!

Subcommittee Recruitment

And my personal favourite event of the entire year - BSOC Subcommittee Recruitment! How do you make the most out of your first year? By joining a BSOC Subcommittee of course! BSOC is always looking for passionate and motivated individuals to help us create value

for students. With ten portfolios offering subcommittee positions this year, you’re certain to find the perfect fit to give you the best first year possible. The power of joining a BSOC subcommittee is immense, with a genuine opportunity to create a second family within university. 

The opportunities we provide and open up to our student body through BSOC are endless. With opportunities to gain insights and guidance from older students and industry professionals, as well as career and professional development. The friends you cherish, networks you build, skills you refine and memories you make are what sets BSOC apart.

I look forward to getting to see new faces and rekindling connections with old ones over this next term. Moreover, I am beyond keen to see the events come to fruition, and the impact they have on what matters most - you guys!

Written By

Vinamra Gulati

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