BSOC x Spotify


BSOC x Spotify

by Shreya Abhyankar 07/04/2021

Need to break through that awkward silence during a group assignment with randoms?

Trying to find motivation to pull that all-nighter and study for that final?

Want some chill tunes to facilitate a fun study session with your friends?

BSOC Publications has you covered.

The UNSW Business Society has just launched its official Spotify, just in time for exam season!

Whether you're looking for some lo-fi beats for a productive study session, some soft cafe tunes to vibe at your local coffee shop, or some rich jazz or classical (because why not), we have the perfect playlist for you.

We have curated four superior playlists, so you never have to suffer in silence:)

Check them out below, and keep an eye out for more playlists throughout the year.

P.S. we suggest you give the UNSW Business Society Spotify a follow - exciting things are coming soon.



Lofi Hip Hop


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