How to Give in a Time of Need

How to give in a time of need

By the BSOC Philanthropy portfolio


As people find their jobs, relationships and experiences seemingly lost amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that as a society, we strive to help those in need during these difficult times. A valuable way to give back is by donating - but where and what do we donate? A good starting point is asking yourself  -why do you want to give, especially in light of COVID-19? Hopefully, we can help you answer that question in the following 3 ways.

Blood donation

The need for blood can never be underestimated. Blood is vital for life, a single donation can assist a wide range of people and can be turned into 22 different medical treatments. Although 1 in 3 Australians will require blood in their lifetime, only 1 in 30give and with the recent global pandemic leading to appointment cancellations and decreased willingness to donate, the need for blood has become particularly apparent. It is important to note that the coronavirus cannot be spread through blood transfusion and donor centres are continuing to maintain the necessary steps to ensure a safe donating environment. Visit the closest donor centre or make an appointment today.

Donating food

Food is a basic necessity of life. Although we live in a world where there is enough food for everyone, 1 in 9 people go to bed hungry. A lack of food does not only lead to health issues, but also prevents development in education and complicates ordinary everyday activities. Thus, by donating food to people living in disadvantaged circumstances you become part of the revolutionary process of eradicating hunger whilst countering poverty, delivering social cohesion and bringing hope to people in need. Renowned food distribution organisations such as Foodbank, OzHarvest and SecondBite support both individuals and businesses who provide crucial, emergency food relief. Whether it’s donating excess food, volunteering, or donating money to aid the processes of these food distribution services, any help is welcomed to support world hunger.

Donating time

In quarantine, when so much time is spent away from our friends, it can be easy to feel isolated. However, it can be refreshing to take this opportunity and strengthen connections between friends and family, step back and dedicate some time for someone else. You could use your creativity to make something: draw, bake a cake, knit; and then deliver it to them. Or you could be the first to reach out and arrange an outing: hiking from Bondi to Bronte, checking out that cute cafe or having a picnic at a local park. It can even be as simple as waking up early to make pancakes for your family. Not only does this allow you to check up on the people you love and brighten their day, research has found that being generous also makes the giver happy!

Creating a strong community

Whilst we aren’t sure when everything will return back to normal, we are certain that this is an opportunity to give back to the community and help those in need. In fact, donating is not restricted to the aforementioned forms of giving, and the reward of giving is not limited to self-fulfillment. It is imperative that the community unites, continues to stay strong and support one another.

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