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If you’re a millennial, someone who values education or someone who likes to multitask, the odds are that you’ve listened to a few podcasts in your time. The common audio-narrative or discussion-based format of podcasts facilitates multitasking whilst listening, and hence is great if you’re looking to pop on something to listen to whilst cleaning your room or going for a walk.

If you’re new to the podcast format or looking to expand your audio library, don’t stress! We’ve asked UNSW Business Society’s Philanthropy Director (and avid podcast listener) Lisa Gunawan to recommend a few of her favourites podcasts and have curated a list for your listening.

Business Focus:
  1. After Hours

With stories ripped straight from the headlines and unique business insight, ‘After Hours’ is a perfect blend of commentary and fact. Youngme, Mihir and Felix do a great job of breaking down what is happening in the world around us into comprehensible pieces and exploring them within the context of business principles we are all familiar with.  

     2.   Business Wars 

With each season investigating anew industry rivalry, ‘Business Wars’ allows listeners to understand how our favourite brands have forged a path to success. It’s not only informative, but also entertaining thanks to David Brown’s use of music to convey drama and emotion. 

  1. Full Story 

‘Full Story’ leaves listeners with a holistic understanding of the most important news stories today. With topics ranging from the privacy implications of the Covidsafe app to recent developments to the political situation in Venezuela, long time listeners can expect a broad understanding of the world around us. 

     2.   FT News Briefing

Why scroll through news sites only to be overwhelmed by all the unnecessarily long articles when you can listen to a 10-minute podcast? The ‘FT News briefing’ is precisely that. Uploaded daily to ensure the most up-to-date details, it informs listeners of all of the most important news in the world all within a mere 10 minutes. 

Something Mindless: 
  1. Genius Brain

On your way home or just in need of a mood booster? ‘GeniusBrain’ is for you! Hosted by David So and his parade of new guests, each episode feels like a casual conversation between friends. Whether you’re wanting something light hearted or you’re interested in commentary on contemporary issues, I would definitely check out ‘GeniusBrain’!


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