Professional Development Outside Uni with WSO


Professional Development Outside Uni with WSO

Jane Feng Zhuo


If you’ve been at Uni for a little bit, you’ll find it's very different to high school. No more 6 hour days packed with learning and allocated break times. Gone are the dreaded 6 AM wakeups and running to catch your bus or train that has a 30 minute wait time. Rather, Uni is very much about independently organising your own time and it's up to you to grab the learning opportunities that will develop yourself personally and professionally. 

Before the internet, this kind of structured learning seemed confined to the classroom. However, nowadays there’s a range of platforms like Udemy where you can pick up skills you can easily turn into a side hustle such as graphic design, podcast creation, and the list goes on. Although, if you’re looking for a way to further develop your professional skills in business, WSO has got you covered. But who are they exactly, and what do they do?

Who is WSO?

Wall Street Oasis or WSO is an online finance community that provides several courses and services to assist aspiring students to gain a competitive edge as they progress through their business careers.

What does WSO offer?

WSO offers a range of opportunities from mentoring to general resources to students looking to build skills for a career in finance or simply have an interest in the business world. Of these, here are some of their standout opportunities:

‘Find Your Mentor’

‘Find Your Mentor’ from WSO allows you to connect with industry professionals all the way in New York and several American cities working in firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and many more for personalised consultation sessions. Whether this is grabbing a coffee chat or getting down to business and helping you land your dream job, the opportunity allows you to expand your network in the business capital of the world.


Courses at WSO are taught by a team of elite finance professionals with experience from the top firms in the world. You’ll reap the benefits of flexible learning and lifetime access to a range of useful resources surrounding topics ranging from the use of Excel in business to understanding the concepts behind venture capital. Some of the courses to explore include:


If you’re running low on time, live virtual bootcamps by WSO allow you to learn courses within a span of a few days with live feedback from your instructor. Since they are live, be sure to save the dates for the following bootcamps they have coming up:

Free Resources

WSO also provides a plethora of free resources that are just as comprehensive as their courses. Check them out below:

With just the click of a button, the world of education and professional development is at your fingertips.

P.S. If you are a BSOC member, you’ll be able to grab some exclusive discounts off WSO courses and bootcamps by clicking here.

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