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By Kiara Warner


POV: it’s 2:00am the night before your final exam. You’ve left all study until the very last minute and if you want to pass this class pulling an all-nighter is your only option. Determined to succeed you hunker down and try to get stuck into it… BUT you’re not sure what soundtrack will fuel your study session, and instead of putting in the hard yards you end up spending the whole night looking for the right tracks and missing the mark.

I get you; finding the perfect study soundtrack is difficult, but it shouldn’t be your top priority with exams right around the corner. So instead of spending your precious revision time hunting for the perfect playlists, check out a few of our recommendations to keep you in the zone:


Lofi hiphop music – beats to relax/study to:

Of course, we have to start with the lo-fi playlist of all lo-fi playlists.

With over 2million Spotify subscribers, you can’t go wrong with this absolute classic. This playlist features a “daily selection of 200 chill beats” to keep you focused for hours on end.


Lush Lofi:

Spotify isn’t kidding when it says this playlist has “the chilliest instrumental lo-fi beats, certified lush.”  With tropical, chill vibes all around, no distracting lyrics, and over 800 000 followers, this playlist is perfect for a laid-back session of catching up on readings and revising notes.(also, this playlist got me through the HSC so I can personally vouch for it!)


Classical Study Music:

Over 4 hours of classical music for those who enjoy the likes of Debussy, Schubert, and Yiruma.


Soundtrack Playlists:

Almost as great accompaniment to your workflow as they are to their original movies, here are a few soundtracks to keep you afloat during exam season.

- Theory of Everything

- The Imitation Game

- Ghibli Piano

FROM YouTube:

Cribbling depression:

Despite the questionable name, this channel features an impressive archive of playlists.

The channel features mainly Korean lofi hiphop and rnb tracks, but also has other short lo-fi playlists if that’s not up your alley.

Check out these playlists:

  • 4:00am krnb vibes


  • I wanna be on an isolated island all alone eating coconuts


Chill Beats to Quarantine To:

When Will Smith uploads a lo-fi study playlist; you listen to it. Inspired by the classic His 1.5hour video of lo-fi beats without lyrics is perfect for your daily study sessions.


If you haven’t yet explored the City Pop genre, now is the time to do so. Originating in Japan in the late 70s, the use of synths and its jazz-pop influences create a sense of false nostalgia and inspire creativity during those late night study sessions. ROKER’s channel features multiple city pop playlists for easy listening.

Get started with City Pop Mix Vol. 1

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