Subcommittee Recruitment FAQs


Subcommittee Recruitment Q&A

By Shreya Abhyankar


Now that we’ve all settled into our first lectures and tutorials at university, and O-week festivities are over – it’s officially subcommittee recruitment season. To help you filter through the endless Facebook posts promoting various society subcommittees, we’ve decided to answer some commonly asked questions about the roles!

What does it mean to be a subcommittee member?

Being a subcommittee (subcom) member is an amazing opportunity to truly get involved with your chosen society on a deeper level! It often involves working collaboratively with a group under the guidance of your Directors to plan events, liaise with society sponsors and create society specific content and merchandise. 

What is the recruitment process like?

Generally, the recruitment process follows this pattern:

  1. Written Application
  2. Group Interview
  3. Outcome of application

For example, UNSW Business Society’s written application deadline is 11:59pm on the 1st March. If successful, you will then continue on to the Group Interview stage, where you will be interviewed by Directors of your chosen portfolio!

What portfolios are open to subcommittee in BSOC?

This year, 10 out of 12 of the Business Society’s portfolios have spaces for subcommittee! They are as follows:

Activities: Social, Sports

Internals: HR, Philanthropy, Education

Externals: Careers, Competitions

Operations: Publications, Marketing, IT

Interview tips?

Be yourself! Directors are looking for genuine, motivated and friendly people to be a part of their societies, so make sure you show them that you’re willing to grow and work in a team.

Personally, being a part of the Publications subcommittee at BSOC enabled me to form genuine friendships with a diverse range of people, and gave me the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally under the guidance of my Directors, which I am so grateful for. It also enabled me to apply for a Directorship role at BSOC – which has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far, and I am so excited for the amazing year ahead.

In a nutshell, I recommend that all student (especially first years) should apply for society subcommittees to truly get the most out of their initial years at UNSW – you really have nothing to lose!

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