An Introduction to the Blog - 2022


An Introduction to the Blog - 2022

by Angela Nguyen


After a short hiatus at the end of the year, the BSOC blog is ready for its 2022 debut! Except this year, myself and my co-directors, Vinamra Gulati and Joshua Chek, have more in store for you than just a fortnightly forecast. 

This year our goal, more than ever, is to provide a tangible touchpoint between the business climate, members of the BSchool, and our university demographic. Acknowledging the importance of this nexus ongoing, the Publications Team is innovating the blog as not only a supplement to the events and annual publications of the Business Society, but as its own platform to amplify student voices and to bring exposure to current events on a real-time schedule. 

By providing curated articles about the macro and microcosms of the dynamic business climate, we strive to offer meaningful insight to the student community, empowering them to develop informed opinions and to broaden their own awareness of our world. In 2022, where tech trends continue to dominate our socio-economic context, our team will prioritise releasing articles adjacent to business breakthroughs on top of our regular fortnightly uploads to ensure that our content is always relevant and purposeful. 

From vaster anecdotes about the economy to the niche footnotes of business culture, this year you can look forward to an impressive lineup of articles from active members of the Business Society, B School staff and alumni, as well as external features. 

Moving into 2022, the Publications Team will continue to do what we’ve always done: to deliver valuable work that marries passion projects and relevant reports to reach a point of connection with our audience. We strive to build upon the foundations laid by the generations before us, and to continue to produce content which inspires, engages, and empowers the student body.

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